About Us

Bancsol Inc. established in circa’ 2012 for erection of TMC & CUB ATM sites in Chennai, migrated to Mumbai in 2014 to play larger role in banking solutions on National platform. Promoted by enthusiastic and responsible young entrepreneurs, with a vision to grow with dedicated focus on providing banking solutions. We, Bancsol promise to deliver “THE” expected along the virtue of Time & Responsibility

How We Work

02 Total Implementation Services
Total Implementation Services (TIS) is a total service solution for any organization to enter the ATM. In TIS we see the project as an integral part of the business, the stages defined to carry out every part is taken as a steps to reach the goal.
1) Site sourcing / survey
2) Site preparation report & proposal
3) Project approval & do ahead
4) Site implementaion service.
5) Connectivity avtivity
6) ATM Tech live activity
7) Cash live activity
8) Handover
03 House Keeping, Site Repair & Maintenance
We also undertakes daily housekeeping services at the ATM site including cleaning and maintenance of the site, replacement of consumables forms, brochures & electrical fittings and reporting malfunctions. Maintenance, repair and operations or maintenance, repair, and overhaul involves fixing any sort of  electrical devices or fixes items should it become out of order or broken. It also includes performing routine actions which keep the device in working order or prevent trouble from arising.