ATM Managed Services

Outsourcing ATM Driving and TIS Management
More and more financial institutions in India are opting to outsource their complete end to end ATM site sourcing, ATM deployment, ATM driving, replenishment, reconciliation and maintenance requirements to third party ASP providers or ATM facility management companies thereby alleviating themselves from this responsibility so they can concentrate on their core business. As a result several ASP providers have sprung up in India over the past few years that are offering a wide variety of services to the banks and White Label ATM operators.

The ASP providers will typically have their own switch thereby providing transaction switching but will be in a tie up with several agencies for ATM site sourcing, site preparation, customer branding, ATM procurement and installation, network communications through VSAT or leased line, air-conditioning, UPS, solar panel with inverter and battery, security guard, surveillance systems, cash and supplies replenishment, ATM maintenance, site maintenance and housekeeping.

The ASP is therefore divided into two major departments. One division does the ATM transaction switching and is purely technology, the other division takes care of TIS management which is essentially coordination between the customer and all the agencies.
In a nut shell, to the bank or a WLA operator the ASP is the single point of contact for all ATM related services.

Switching responsibilities
Driving of the ATMs from a centralized EFT switch has the managed service Responsibilities:
  • ATM driving
  • Transaction switching to NPCI
  • Transaction switching to banking host
  • Transaction reconciliation
  • ATM monitoring
  • Connectivity monitoring
  • EJ pulling
  • Cash forecasting
  • Card management (PIN and Card)

  • B
    TIS Responsibilities Managed Services:
  • Location management
  • ATM deployment
  • Network management
  • Cash management
  • ATM connectivity to Live Network
  • Payment process
  • Change management process

  • An end-to-end installation and management of the ATM network includes:
  • Single point of accountability
  • Site selection
  • Site preparation (based on QTY)
  • ATM procurement (ATM, CD)
  • ATM installation
  • Networking (leased line, CDMA, VSAT, ISDN, dial backup)
  • Commissioning
  • Security guard (armed, unarmed)
  • House-keeping services
  • Cash management and loading
  • Customer training and administration
  • Help desk