Total Implementation Services

Total Implementation Services (TIS) is a total service solution for any organization to enter the ATM. In TIS we see the project as an integral part of the business, the stages defined to carry out every part is taken as a steps to reach the goal. These stages are:

Site Implementation service
Onsite :- Onsite locations are provided by bank on bank premises.
Offsite:- Off site ATM are at independent location.

Offsite Site Survey Guide Lines
  1. Look the shop in the market, shopping complex, crowded residential area, institutions area etc.
2. Site should be of 50 t0 100 sq. feet and frontage should not be less than 8 ft. and on ground floor.
3. Site should be seen properly and Land Marks should be mentioned in Address details.
4. Need to take the all the details of owner, contact no., address, residential address.
5. Below said snaps should be taken for proposed site :- Front Snap of Site, Building View of Site, Opposite View of Site, Left view along with Site, Right View along with Site, Site Inside view Snap, Market View of Site.
6. Site should have proper RCC ceiling & Electrical meter required of 3 phase of 5 KVA power supply.
7. Location of AC to install outdoor units, VSAT & Earth pit to be identified along with Branch Manager or Landlord.
8. Site survey Form should be filled properly as per enclosed form, no column should left blank.

Site erection
Flooring :Providing and fixing of 2' x 2' Vitrified tiles with joint free.
  False ceiling :Providing and fixing exposed 'T' section suspended from the ceiling , including necessary frame work for the Armstrong type false ceiling.  
Painting :Providing & Appling 2 coats of enamel paint to the existing rolling shutters.  
Fixed Glazing :Providing and fixing external fixed glazing compressing of 6mm clear glass with Aluminum section.  
Main Door :Providing and fixing Aluminum door comprising of approximate 83.5mm vertical members, approximate 85-90 mm top & bottom, approximate 83.5 mm middle member, in black color powder coated with 6 mm clear glass. The door size is 3X7.
Paneling: Providing & fixing in position Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) with framing of Aluminum Tube sections.
Partition : Providing & fixing in position Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) with framing of Aluminum Tube sections. Back side of partition to be finished with 6 mm commercial ply with 2 coat enamel paint after preparing surface with primer coat up to full ceiling height.
Grouting : Grouting of ATM Machine with 12” Anchor fastener
Other Items: Signage, DB, VM Kits, Electricals to be installed.
External CCTV Camera : External CCTV camera to be installed inside the ATM lobby.

ATM network connectivity

  • Network Connectivity like:
    CDMA, VSAT, to be installed.
  • CDMA :
    installed inside the back room.
  • VSAT :
    ODU requires to be on the roof top of the premises. IDU inside the back room.
  • D
    ATM tech live activity
    Procedure to make the ATM tech live.
    1) Request to Bank for :
    a) IP Address, subnet mask & gateway.
    b) ATM ID. 
    2) Register call with ATM vendor to assign engineer for installation of software, Cassette configuration & installation of bank screen logos, CCTV images configuration.   
    3) Post software installation co-ordination with Bank switch for configure ATM at switch end & provide download post link activated.  
    4) Balance inquiry transaction to be done after download is completed.
    ATM Cash live Activity

      1) Cash team to send cash intend with total cash amount with required denomination to respective cash providing branch & a copy to cash loading vendor.
      2) Cash to be collected from branch by authorized cash loading team & load the cash in the ATM.
      3) Post cash loading to monitor ATM by daily cash report received from Bank switch.